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AIR Asia and Air Asia X have helped spur air traffic in Ascan and in the Asia-Pacific region and have stir the development of tourism in the regions.


Their operations have increased the capacity of the exiting destinations served by other operators and opened unserved routes


Air Asia’s low cost structure stirred competition with incumbent flag carriers by entering joint ventures with airlines in these countries. Thai Air Asia in Thailand; Indonesia Air Asia in Indonesia and Philippines Air Asia here which will soon launch its maiden flights to Kalibo and Davao from Clark international airport.


“Air Asia Philippines is enhancing air connectivity here and will use its network and affiliate Air


Asia companies to increase traffic at the Clark airport. Air Asia has also joint venture arrangements with Vietnam and Japan Airlines,” said Kathleen Tan, Air Asia Berhad’s regional head of commercial.


Tan recalled that Air Asia Malaysia started connecting to the Philippines in 2005.


“With about 90 million Filipinos and with so much to promote about the country, Air Asia Philippines will do its best to enable and empower people to fly,” Tan said.


Tan also sees the value of real property in Clark will go up and investments will pour in in the next two years as the airline company creates new markets that are able to fly.


The developmental routes in Asia Pacific operated by Air Asia are Kuala Lumpura Chiangmai Kuala Lumpur-Bandung; Kuala Lumpur-Clark; Kuala Lumpun Solo; Kuala Lumpure Danang; Kuala Lumpur-Bandar Aceh; Kuala Lumpur-Ujung Pandang; Kuala Lumpur- Balikpapan; and Kuala Iiiimpiirjakartzi.


Those operated by Air ASia X are Kuala Lumpur-Christchurch; Kuala Lumpur-Gold Coast; Kilala Lunipur-Perth; Kualalumpur Tianjin; Kualalumpur-Hanzhou and Kuala Lumpur- Sydney.


Datuk  Dr. Victor Wee, chairman of Tourism Malaysia attributed toAir Asia the surge in tourist arrivals in his country,


He cited that for many years, the Malaysia and Thailand markets were dominated by .Malaysia  Airlines and Thai Airways. Both could serve any points in each other’s country while maintaining capacities that are profitable for both flag carriers.


In 2004, Air Asia entered the Malaysia-Thailand market causinga surge in seat capacity. Bilateral agreement between Malaysia and Thailand permitted .Air Asia to expand in the market With new designations and frequencies.


In 2010, the number of tourists Malaysia received from Singapore rose by 24.3 percent over 2007. The opening is viewed as a significant development in the history of ASEAX airline industry and an important first step toward the liberalization of air services in the ASEAN region.


Last month, Air Asia Philippines has secured the air operator certificate (AOC) from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP). Air Asia Inc. is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in March last year to engage primarily in the business of air transportation in the Philippines and abroad for passenger and cargo.


Air Asia Inc. is a 60-40 joint venture between Filipino investors Antonio 0. Cojuangco, Michael L. Romero andMarianne B. Hontiveros; and the Malaysia ‘s Air  Asia International Ltda wholly  owned subsidiary of Air Asia Berhad.


FOR most tourists, thrill seekers in particular, the Bicol Peninsula presents several unique attractions and exciting adventures quite unlike any other place in the country.


Fascinating volcanoes, lush mountains. invigorating hot springs, tropical beaches, caves and waterfalls all comprise the natural wonders of this captivating region that attract thousands of tourists every year not just for mere sightseeing but also for related activities like hiking, camping, spelunking, mountaineering, surfing and scuba diving.


Have an unforgettable rendezvous with nature by checking out Bicol’s more famous attractions.


Those who are big on water fun can start their Bicol sojourn with a stopover in Camarines Sur. Which has become a favorite venue for aspiring and professional wake boarders from all over the world.


Even non-wake boarders concede that this extreme water sport is one big adrenaline rush.


And yes, it’s a lot harder than it looks. Starting with its neophyte friendly cousin, knee boarding, it often takes multiple tries before one gains the confidence to stand on the wakeboard. But once you get the hang of it, doing Big Air moves at 180 degrees and skating across the water’s surface on your wakeboard at 25mph will only be a matter of practice


Seasoned wake boarders attest that the appeal of the sport lies in its progressive nature where there’s always something new to learn every time with every single ride.


The whale sharks or butandings of Donsol, Sorsogon are considered as the living, rock stars of the region. Contrary to the “shark” in their name, the filter-feeding fish is not known to eat humans and is a gentle animal that’s even friendly enough to give swimmers a ride.


Being up close and personal with this divine wonder is an experience one will never forget. Sure, you’ve seen them many times on Discovery’s Animal Planet channel but no high—definition TV can come close to swimming side by side with the real thing. Jaws could only drop in excitement as not just one but several butandings can be seen in an awe-inspiring display of aquatic grace an encounter that no ocean theme park can ever come close to replicating.


After all these water adventures, it’s time to surface and proceed to Legazpi City, Albay for the main event: Mt. Mayon itself. No trip to Bicol is totally complete without a glimpse of the legendary volcano with the perfect cone. Almost all tourists who visit Bicol consider it as the highlight of their itinerary.


While just about everyone can get goose bumps with the glorious sight of the Mayon from anywhere in Legazpi City, even the most breathtaking view does not nearly come close to coming near its slopes, as Mayon-trekkers could personally attest.


With sun block lotion, insect repellent, Windbreaker and extra water and snacks in tow, climbers can experience Mayon’s diverse terrains that include forests, grass,lands, rocks, sand, and boulders.


The vast and breathtaking view in its summit include sights like Mr. lsarog, Bulusan Volcano, the large island of Catanduanes and the bodies of water surrounding Bicolandia,


This thrilling adventure need not be risky as Philvolcs and local authorities closely monitor the volcano’s activity.


In between all those days of un- forgettable adventure and unexpected discoveries, the one thing most tourists will look forward is spending their downtime in style, Fortunately, Bicol is not lackingin its share of luxury accommodations and The Oriental Legazpi, a premier luxury hotel that just had its soft launch late last year is a fine example.


Located above Taysan Hill and boasts of a picturesque view not only of Mt. Mayon but also of the stunning cityscape of Legazpi as well as the blue waters of the Gulf of Albay, The Oriental Legazpi, formerly Mayon Imperial, also serves as the jumpeoff point to all of the above destinations.

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