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At the forefront of the economy are business tycoons continuously redefining brand value and delivering service at its finest. Determination is a pre-requisite but more than that, for Mr. Wilbert T. Lee – President and CEO of The Oriental Hotels and Resorts, the consistency with specific details must always be on a top priority.


His dedication for brand value paved way for the local and international vibe to collaborate and be the sum of an exquisite experience, ergo The Oriental Hotels and Resorts.


Located at the heart and core of Legazpi City, The Oriental Legazpi has evolved into a home for business travelers and vacationers who want to go beyond the fast-paced world in this time and age. The grandiose view of Mayon Volcano encompassed history and incorporated art in a view that guests would find priceless. The Oriental Legazpi’s extensive areas maximized the perfect sense of ambiance and anticipation for a superb and once in a lifetime experience. Like the Jasmine restaurant, one of the chic areas, adds up spice for food travelers as they serve Asian and Western cuisine. The Oriental Legazpi will soon be home for yuppies and socialites as it launches big events and parties at the Grand Ballroom.


One highlight of The Oriental Legazpi would also be the access to high speed internet via the Wi-Fi zones within the hotel. Through this, apart from enjoying the facilities, the guests could share their experience using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. And most importantly, the spacious rooms are the substance of the total package. From the perception of the senses, one would absolutely go beyond the idea of rest and be assured of maximum security and peace.


Indeed, The Oriental Legazpi very determined in that one goal to provide personalized and excellent service to customers with consistency and class. As a matter of fact, Queen Sofia of Spain would not have experienced that hale and hearty lunch if not for the fortitude of the management and staff of The Oriental Legazpi.


At the top of one’s traveler’s list must also include The Oriental Leyte, situated in Palo, Leyte which boasts the vast façade of the infamous 10-hectare Red Beach. As both (The Oriental Legazpi and The Oriental Leyte) strives to inculcate to customers the beauty of nature, they visualize potentials in maximizing natural resources. In fact, one of Mr. Wilbert Lee’s corporate policies is to maintain the magnificence of our resources by not neglecting the proper waste disposal within his management. The fact that he is executing his principles among his constituents illustrates how much the management works. Aside from that, the fully furnished ballroom area is a place for barbeque events and the like. Spacious rooms with garden and ocean views invite the customers to just let go of the stress and intensify life to the fullest.


In line with this, The Oriental Hotels and Resorts also have Sylvia Manor Hotel in Bacolod, Swagman Hotel in Manila, and all other upcoming properties in Pagsanjan, Iloilo, Bataan and Palau, purely staging that these premier hotels would only show reliability and stability.


The ultimate goal of Mr. Wilbert Lee is to become the largest hotel chain in the Philippines: it would be his agenda to make sure that The Oriental Hotels and Resorts would always be at the pinnacle of high-class service. The mission is to provide guests with the finest services and utmost comfort to fully maximize the experience and flavor of localities.


In general, The Oriental Hotels and Resorts have proven their high quality of service and consistency. The perfect blend of history and extravagant architecture would never fail the guests’ expectations of beyond price experience. The high standards that the management have upheld preserved the hotel chain to be one of the best and growing here in the Philippines.


With the diversity that The Oriental Hotels and Resorts showcase, people would never be expecting the ordinary. In a heartbeat, guests would ultimately say, “The Oriental Hotels and Resorts would definitely be more than just an option.”


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