It is located on the idyllic embankment of the Pagsanjan River. The boats and other local scenery can be seen in most of the rooms. Subject to further design development, it is hoped that 10 Spa Villas will be added along the river-view embankment.

The property will be positioned as a 4-4.5 star River Retreat Spa, offering guests a respite from the day’s boating activities, touring or simply busy hustle of Manila. The property’s proximity to Manila will make it an ideal retreat destination for both local and foreign visitors. 24/7 in-room spa services will be an integral part of the stay, being packaged with the rooms to ensure guests enjoy the services offered to their fullest.

Local materials, construction methods and products will be used throughout; however international standards of insulation, life, fire safety and connectivity will be applied. Simple timber and local product finishes, combinations of cane, and leather bound timber furnishings will highlight the relaxing design direction of this property.

The property will also have low-rise terrace rooms over looking the properties infinity pool and terrace café and free-standing two-floored Spa Villas. The Spa Villas are open accommodations that allows the guests to have the comforts of a private spa area and shaded balconies for a secluded, intimate experiences. Each Spa Villa will have its own Jacuzzi, rain shower and massage treatment zone for the ultimate spa experience.

The resort will be the first international-grade property in the Laguna area.

A holistic approach will be taken to the preparation and delivery of food & beverage services. The menu will cater for both local and foreign tastes in a natural, wholesome manner so that guests will feel refreshed and comfortable. Peaceful rooms, wholesome food and drink and relaxing spa treatments will be the three core components of the retreat.