Legazpi Grand Terminal

The Legazpi Grand Terminal is the first state-of-the-art transport terminal in the south, and covers an area of about 3.9 hectares. It is strategically placed at the heart of Legazpi City with the magnificent Mayon Volcano as its backdrop. A travelers’ perfect rest stop, the terminal offers its residents and commuters an impressive roster of dining choices shopping finds, entertainment and leisure sites.

Its first-rate terminal services are equipped with a well mapped-out system. The terminal operation includes highend monitors hooked up to the system and a computerized entrance and exit for maximum security. It also manages the operation and interface of various land–based transport services such as buses, jeepneys, filcabs and tricycles thus ensuring fast and efficient terminal operations and making travel easier.

The Legazpi Grand Terminal is the premier commercial and development project in Legazpi City.